Reasons Why Its Cheaper And Easier to Study Abroad Than In Nigeria?

There is a popular Aphorism, that goes thus; If Education is expensive try ignorance. The choice is up to you. A lot goes into consideration when you thinking or planning to study Abroad. Most people want to explore the world and widen their horizon. In this part of the world people believe studying internationally or abroad as its fondly called gives you a better chance of getting a job. The worry for most people is that schooling outside the country is extremely expensive and that one cannot afford it, most especially in this time of recession.The Question that comes to Student’s mind is Whats Post Secondary; After secondary school what next?
Every child has a dream, to move ahead in life, we all aspire for something great and a new environment of possibilities. A place of new opportunities where we can meet new people, learn new things, understand other people’s way of life and culture, experience new climatic change and broaden our horizon.
Why would I leave my country to study abroad in this period of recession?
Most of us want to study abroad right about now, but then again, when we think about the current state of our economy and what the forex exchange is growing into we might as well reconsider. The thoughts most people have is that studying abroad is expensive, forgetting the fact that there are still some low budget schools or affordable tuition schools that are accredited by the ministry of education in that country, and recognized by the Ministry of Education which is the government body charged with the duty of regulating procedures and maintaining standards.

The language of instruction in Nigerian institutions is English which is no different from other countries, except for the fact that you are likely to learn other languages if the major language of that country is not in English.
There’s little or no difference in the cost of studying abroad and a private university here in Nigeria. A minimum of about 3-4 million is spent annually in a private Nigerian university leaving out accommodation and the cost of feeding. Whereas, you can study in an European university for equally that same amount inclusive of feeding, accommodation and cost of living. There’s a lot of add-on opportunities if one studies abroad. The advantages supersedes the disadvantages.
1. You get value for your money
2. You get to study in a more equipped and conducive environment
3. You meet different types of people and learn more about other people’s
Culture and way of life.
4. Experiencing a different type of climatic change
5. Job opportunities in some of this countries
6. Viewing life from a different perspective
7. Safety
8. Scholarships and Financial aids for international students

Nigerian universities don’t have the necessary facilities to teach her students. Some fields require certain facilities and equipment like the medical field, sciences and engineering. Which most universities here in Nigeria cannot provide.
Nigeria is said to be the largest country in Africa, widely known as the giant of Africa, and the truth is we’ve done great in several fields, but when it comes to educational sector, am not trying to criticize my country, but the truth is that we’re way behind.
Imagine Nigerian students going out in their thousands every year going to study in Ghana.Who is to be blamed?
The students or the leaders?
Why would anyone who have the choice of studying abroad, choose Nigeria?
Nigeria educational sector is where you’ll study a course of four years, for seven years. Issues like ASUU strikes, ASUP strikes, Lecturers strike over nonpayment of fees, Strikes over non commitment of federal or state government to the agreement they had with Nigerian varsities, the problem is just too much.

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8 Benefits of Studying Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad opens up new horizons for you in so many ways.

  • High quality education
  • International Exposures
  • Business and Job Opportunities
  • Long lasting friendships and connections
  • Oversea Job placements
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Distinguished profile and rich CV

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Discover How Keystyle Learning Ltd Can Assist You to Gain Admission, Student’s Visa, Permanent Residency (PR), Job opportunities and Scholarships to Study in Any of the Schools We Represent in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, India & Ghana

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Australia One of the Best And Most Affordable Countries To Study and Work. And Why You Must Consider It

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There is a great fascination for Australian permanent residence, as it gives good social security programs for the foreign nationals. Students who come to Australia after few years they become citizens of Australia.

The benefits of migrating to Australia are numerous, the prosperous economy believes in the integration and immigration. The Australian PR bestows the automatic entry and allows the visa holders to travel internationally. The difference is that they are not authorized to take part in the elections, and they do not have voting rights.

Australian Immigration has the world class infrastructure for education and industries that absorb the skilled individuals. The prosperous economy has great space open for the Immigrants to Settle in Australia.

The permanent residents will have the benefit of social security program of Australia. The numerous opportunities provided by the Australia include social security program and they can avail the opportunities everywhere in Australia. Australia is the popularly known as the land of immigrants and anyone with intent to settle in 2017 and 2018 can take advantage of these opportunities. As we are here to guide and assist our clients.

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